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It’s an honor to interview the caliber of women you’ll find here, such talented, passionate, and dedicated people. They were happy to share their wisdom and experience in the hopes of benefiting others. Don’t miss checking out the reviews. I know you’ll discover some gems. Please, feel free to browse and come back often.


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Beryl Hall Bray

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A while back, I came across notes from the months of deliberating with Angela Mackintosh (Co-founder, Publisher, CEO, and Art Director of WOW-Women On Writing.com), as we gave birth to the women's writing website and worked (and I do mean WORKED!) and watched it take on a life of its own.  What a rich, privileged time to learn, receive, and give back to the wonderful world of writing.

So many brilliant, talented, and generous people came into our lives.  I can't deny that leaving WOW
! was a very difficult time for me; but I live with the treasures gleaned, and made friends that will always have a place in my heart. 

As I work on many projects, I rely on my work ethic (put to the test meeting deadlines, versus being buried by them). I’m always reaching outside my comfort zone, keeping goals and priorities in focus (with vigilance and constant tweaking), and remembering who's boss. Yes, all of this makes me realize that being a little crazy is a bigger help than it is a detriment.

Putting this site together is like taking parts of my heart to make a collage of great times with great people. I'm very appreciative.



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